Lactose content of various foods

Lactose is present in all milk products.

Its concentration varies. In case of cheese, you can say the fresher it is, the more lactose it contains. Cheese stored for a longer time (e.g. Pecorino), on the contrary, has rather a lower content of lactose.

Milk powder has the highest content of lactose, and is used very often in readymade products.

lactose content in g per 100 g
Buttermilk 3,5-4
Consumers milk 4,8-5
Kefir 3,5-6,0
(double) cream 2,8-3,6
Créme fraîche 2,0-3,6
Butter 0,6-0,7
Whey, whey beverage 2,0-5,2
Quark (10 to 70% fat) 2,0-3,8
Curd cheese with various layers 2,9-3,8
Soft cheese (10 to 70% fat) 2,8-6,3
Cheese fondue (convenience produkct) 1,8
Creme fraiche, Creme double 2-4,5
Desserts (flummery) 3,3-6,3
Set milk 3,7-5,3
Sherbet 5,1-6,9
Cream cheese 2,0-3,8
Cottage cheese 2,6
Yoghurt 3,5-6
Coffee cramer (10-15% fat) 3,8-4
Condensed milk 9,3-12,5
(Lowfat) quark 4,1
Ewe's milk 4,2-5
Ice cream 1,9
Milk powder 38-51,5
Goat milk 4,4