Lactosolv® is using lactase to assist with lactose intolerance.

The vegetarian capsule will dissolve in the stomach a few minutes after intake. The acid-resistant pellets, contained in the capsule, are released and will be transported to the small intestine within 15 minutes. There the acid-resistant cover of the pellets dissolves and the active lactase is released and made available for cleaving of lactose. The lactase in Lactosolv® is very similar to the body’s own lactase and is not absorbed. 

Characteristics of Lactosolv®:

  • Lactosolv® is a dietary food, for the treatment of lactose intolerance
  • Lactosolv® replenishes the body’s own missing lactase and allows the consumption of milk and dairy products without symptoms
  • Lactosolv® is free of artificial sweetener and sugar substitutes.
  • One capsule is able to degrade 30g lactose
  • Lactosolv® offers audited European quality (ISO and GMP certified) from the best known enzyme expert in Austria: Sciotec Diagnostic Technologies GmbH